​​Susan L. Kaplan: President

My first experience with the Fromm Institute was at least 20 years ago when I told my husband, Richard, that he couldn’t retire until he had some way of filling his time.  I suggested the Fromm Institute which I had heard good things about.  He (before he passed away) and I (later) have been avid students ever since!


My experience has been mostly in nonprofit leadership.  After taking a number of years off to be wife and mother (during which years I volunteered in many capacities), I served as an Executive Director of a local organization for 6 years, and as an internal management consultant in a national voluntary health agency for 12 years.  In my early years, I worked mostly in positions that required writing, including as an assistant in the Alumni Relations and Development Department at the University of San Francisco – my first job when I moved to San Francisco, and, again, as a Development and Career Development Consultant in the USF Law School, 1987-88,


I hold a BA from Brandeis University with a major in Music, and an MA from San Francisco State.  Also did graduate work at the University of Chicago.


I am a native of Chicago, Illinois, but have been in San Francisco for 59 years. 


It would be a pleasure to “give back” to Fromm as President of the Student Association.