​​Susan L. Kaplan

My first experience with the Fromm Institute was at least 25 years ago when I told my husband, Richard, that he couldn’t retire until he had something else in mind. I suggested Fromm Institute since we knew the Fromms. He was so enthusiastic about his time at Fromm, I came when I retired.

My experience has been mostly in nonprofit leadership. After taking a number of years off to be wife and mother (during which years I volunteered in many capacities), I served as an Executive Director of a local organization for 6 years, and as an internal management consultant in a national voluntary health agency for 12 years. In my first years in San Francisco, I worked mostly in positions that required writing, including as an assistant in the Alumni Relations and Development Department at the University of San Francisco and Assistant Editor of the California Nurses Association monthly magazine. Later, as an independent consultant between jobs, one of my accounts was Development and Career Development professional at the USF Law School.

I hold a BA from Brandeis University with a major in Music, and an MA from San Francisco State University.  Also did graduate work at the University of Chicago.

I am a native of Chicago, Illinois, but moved to San Francisco 61 years ago.

I agreed to serve as President of FISA for one two-year term, and will serve another term as a member of the Steering Committee.