See what FROMM students are saying about FISA events

Lunchtime Walks

“No cars, no crowds --- what is not to love about taking an easy noontime walk into Golden Gate Park with Zohar. I swear, the quality of the air changes as soon as you cross Fulton Street and get into the natural world. (You might never encounter a 2-foot-tall snowy egret, and see it use its enormous wingspan to casually flap away --- but then again you just might. I did!) Most of us need to treat ourselves better in terms of exercise, and here's a chance to move around a little, enjoy maybe 40 minutes of peace and quiet, and improve your health all at the same time. I always come back to the Fromm a little

happier for it.”   

— Katherine Wright, 5 years Frommie


“I would like to let you know how much I appreciate the noontime programs, including and especially the SFCM concerts.  It's wonderful for the student performers, who are getting quality performance experience, as well as for us, the audience..”   

— Marlene Butler, 5 years Frommie

New Students Orientations

“My name is Julie Rogers.and I am a relatively new Fromm student. 

 When I first came to Fromm  i knew no-one and was a little overwhelmed. However, I attended one of the New Student Lunches and I found it very very helpful. I learned things such as where to get coffee, buy lunch, the library, frommcast, all the films and musical events etc. 

Those things would have taken me many weeks to discover. Now I attend these lunches and help out!"

— Julie Rogers , 1 years Frommie


"I gladly give $5 per academic term to FISA to support their great programs at Fromm, and I LOVE the small notebook I receive as a gift when I do. This cute little notebook is perfect for taking class notes at Fromm, but what I really love to use it for is for my list of "Books I’ve Read." I’ve been keeping a list of the books I’ve read since 1998, and this is the perfect notebook in which to continue my list. I keep it on my nightstand and enter the book titles and authors as I finish each book.”

— Eve Lynch, 1 year Frommie


“I’ve been at Fromm for 15 years and started volunteering when Fromm moved into its own building.  I started at Magnolia’s (the small cafe we used to have) and then moved to the Welcome Booth. I also help out with tech in the classrooms.  I get to help and meet so many wonderful people.  It’s very satisfying to be able to give back to Fromm by helping everyone at Fromm. "


— Kitte Troberman , 15 years Frommie


“I’m always glad to see cookies when I walk out of class, particularly since I never know when they’ll be there.  I look forward to them, particularly the chocolate chip”   

— Mike Clark, 10 years Frommie


“Watching the movies at Fromm was such ...”   

— Someone, x years Frommie

Fromm Playwrights

“This is only my second year at The Fromm and I’m still discovering new and exciting benefits to my membership. Because I carpool from the East Bay, I rarely stay after 3:00 to watch the great movies that Maxine coordinates with courses being presented here. Fortunately, there are plenty of noon time program options and one of my favorites is the Playwright show case where Fromm members present short plays that they’ve written. The quality of the writing is top notch and the acting is Tony worthy! Thereafter, when I’ve seen those students in classes or in the halls, I think to myself “Oh My, what hidden talent lies within people we see in passing”.  Let’s learn more about each other!!!”   

— Rosie Kaplan, 2 years Frommie