StoryCorps/Fromm Project Mission Statement
The mission of the StoryCorps/Fromm Project is to record, preserve and share the life stories of Fromm Community members in order to make them available on demand to family, other Fromm members and the wider world. 
We do this to make and save a personal record of the rich lives our members have lived as they passed through and influenced some of the most significant periods in history. We are especially focused on making these stories of life and love available to future generations of family. 
1. Summer 2019:
    a. Assemble a team 
    b. Arrange for audio & video recording equipment 
    c. Make USF Library connection for recording space & collaboration 
    d. Make Fromm admin connection for coordination & collaboration  

    e. Record a minimum of 2 initial interviews to be used for advertising and recruiting Fromm        participants to project going forward 
        i. Interview time: 30-40 min 
        ii. Finished & edited “show” time: 2-8 min   
    f. Edit interviews from 30-40 min raw interviews down to 2-8 min “finished” interviews 
    g. Write copy for ads to be shown or printed next semester 
    h. Develop 3 versions of artwork for ads
2. Fall Semester 
    a. Organize schedule of interviews & video/audio ads to be shown to Fromm Students during class breaks, at lunch & at other venues 
    b. Organize publication of written ads 
    c. Work with Fromm staff to publish ads & interviews 
    d. Recruit Fromm student resources to team for StoryCorps/Fromm Project going forward 
    e. Record 2-3 more interviews 

    f. Begin editing & developing these 2-3 interviews 

Tag lines 
What people need is a good listening to. 
Everyone has a story. Won’t you share yours with us. 
Everyone has a story … share yours with us


This program is on hold pending a return to in person classes.