Frances Pinnock: Specialist

I practiced law in San Francisco for 35 years, first as a Public Defender, then doing Civil Rights litigation and finally suing San Francisco's  slum landlords. After retirement I found the wondrous Fromm. My goal has been to contribute to the student environment by encouraging "conversations" among From Students.

I have organized many student "conversations" that take place after morning classes at lunchtime. I started a "conversation" after organizing a trip to a local mosque to coincide with a class on the History of Islam. I have, for several years, organized "Fromm Conversations" regarding novels that are adapted into movies. We watch the movie, read the book and discuss the quality of the adaptation. Recently for example we held a "conversation" about German guilt after the holocaust following reading a book and watching the movie on this subject.

Every semester I organize a “conversation” with fromm students regarding the upcoming classes where we make recommendations to each other. I, along with assistant Director, Carla Hall, organize, every semester, 4 lunches for new students. Next semester I am arranging for a local, highly respected theater group to perform at Fromm and hopefully promote further "conversations" But for now  the most important "conversation" in which I am involved is that of global warming and I am working hard to bring that conversation to Fromm organizing both talks on the subject and showing a film series.

Several Fromm students help me in these activities, in particular, a fellow Board member, Donna Calame.

My conversational voice has remnants of the accent of working class South London from which I immigrated 40 years ago.