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Four Officers (President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer) and four Steering Committee members are elected in alternating years each Spring Session for a two-year term. They can serve in any one student leadership position for a maximum of two consecutive terms or four consecutive years.


The President of the Fromm Institute Student Association additionally serves as an ex-officio member of the Friends of the Fromm Institute Board of Directors offering advice and counsel to the Board on matters of general importance to Fromm Institute Students.


​​Susan L. Kaplan: President


My first experience with the Fromm Institute was at least 20 years ago when I told my husband, Richard, that he couldn’t retire until he had some way of filling his time.  I suggested the Fromm Institute which I had heard good things about.  He (before he passed away) and I (later) have been avid students ever since!


Linda Marks: Vice President


I'm Linda Marks, Vice President of FISA. When I retired six years ago a friend told me about Fromm and I’ve been happily taking classes ever since. Four years ago my then new friend Albert Fraenkel asked if he could nominate me for FISA and I said “Sure.”  I’m now starting my fourth year as a volunteer with FISA. 



Arlene Waksberg: Treasurer


I have been a Fromm student since 2009 and Treasurer of the Fromm Institute Student Association since the Fall of 2017.  My primary duties include providing budget forecasts to the FISA Council, approving expenditures, tracking and reporting on dues collection and making sure the FISA desk is staffed.



maxine einhorn.jpg
Maxine Einhorn: Secretary & Specialist

I'm a credentialed teacher and former department director in colleges in London, UK, for over twenty five years. I have a B.A. in History and an M.A. in Film and TV Studies , and have taught film studies, communications and media literacy. Here in San Francisco I worked at KQED...



Steering Committee

donna calame new.jpg
Donna Calame


Connecting with Fromm has been great for me personally. Having been in quite demanding careers as a public defender in Camden, New Jersey, and then, in San Francisco beginning in 1984, several years in public interest law before nearly 20 years as executive director of a public agency, retirement 5 years ago meant an adjustment to finding a more internally driven life.


shari gropper.jpg
Shari Gropper


I have been an enthusiastic Fromm student for 11 years. During my working years I was a travel agent and an office manager of a medical office. Our school gives us a fabulous opportunity to continue to learn about a large variety of subjects as it also contributes to our

social life. It is my pleasure to give back to our Fromm community by serving on the FISA board. Say hello as you move about our campus or visit me at our FISA booth in the hallway behind Xavier.

Joan Cucek.jpeg
Joan Cucek


After 34 years of the practice of internal medicine at Kaiser in San Francisco, I enrolled at the Fromm Institute which enabled me to take the types of courses which did not fit into a Biology pre med schedule at Stanford.

I have served on the student association in all offices except treasurer which actually is the most important position since all activities are funded by voluntary student  dues. I will continue to help support the social non academic programs operated by FISA and hopefully add more selections. Lastly I would urge all students to make new friends at Fromm and possibly help the 

Administrative staff as Care Corp Volunteers.


Zohar Lahav


I was born and raised in Israel. I moved to the USA 35 years ago and worked as Systems Engineer for Bank of America. Recently retired, this is my second year at FROMM and my first year as part of the Student Council. I organize a walking group who meet for the purpose of walking during the lunch break from FROMM classes. 

Please join me. Walking is good for you!


Robert Morgan.jpg
Robert Morgan


I am beginning my 23rd year as a student at the Fromm and ending my 19th year as your FISA Student volunteer Performing Arts Representative. In this capacity, I write a column for Fromm Focus our institute’s newsletter to let you know the benefits available to you with your USF/Fromm ID Card. I also keep the two middle display racks in the Activities Hallway full of performing arts season brochures and postcards and coordinate Student Association sponsored noontime concerts, as well as hosting performing arts group visits.



fran pinnock alternate.jpg
Frances Pinnock


I practiced law in San Francisco for 35 years, first as a Public Defender, then doing Civil Rights litigation and finally suing San Francisco's  slum landlords. After retirement I found the wondrous Fromm. My goal has been to contribute to the student environment by encouraging "conversations" among From Students.


David McClure


My name is David McClure. I have lived in San Francisco for 42 years. I retired 8 years ago from my Project
Management Consulting Practice where we consulted to large, Fortune 500, small businesses and government entities for 20 years. 

I have been a Fromm member for 7 years, held an elected at-large position on FISA for 2 years and have been FISA secretary for the last 2 years.