Command Performances, arranged by Robert Morgan

I explain how to use your new FROMM/USF Student ID to get student discounts on any tickets you may order as well as explaining how to

maneuver through local websites and get other discounts for traveling.


I arrange 3-4 noontime concerts with students from the San Francisco Conservatory of Music. For those of you who have not attended one of these, I strongly urge you to mark your calendars with the dates and get there early as they usually fill up fast. These are in the Maraschi Room and start promptly at Noon lasting 45 minutes. As always these concerts are sponsored by Your Fromm Institute Student Association(FISA). 



Hopefully by the time you read this we will have the 1/2-PRICE FROMM STUDENT ORDER FORMS for the Opera Season. They will be in the middle right display rack and will be for specific series from 3 to full season for you to choose from. 

CENTER DISPLAY RACKS: The 2 center display racks are crammed full of Postcards for current and upcoming

performances and I will be receiving Season Brochures throughout the Seasons. Also you will find Programs in the lower shelf of the middle left display rack for many of the current local shows. They will be marked ‘'”FROMM INSTITUTE COPY: PLEASE DO NOT REMOVE”so feel free to look while at Fromm but return them so that other students may also look at them. Be sure to check

weekly for all of these. I always remind you that we never have enough for all 1,200 Fromm Students so please

only take what you will actually need and return any that you do not use.

Please see the upcoming events and lunchtime talks HERE

This program is on hold pending a return to in person classes.