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This program is on hold pending a return to in person classes.


Fromm Institute Student Association (FISA)

FISA is your student association.


The FISA council organizes activities for Fromm members to enjoy through enriching academic classes as well as building community. As such, we offer concerts and performances, new member welcome sessions, an after-class film series, and lunchtime presentations. We are always seeking new ideas from you for this social program.


  • Who is a member of FISA?

Everyone enrolled in Fromm Institute classes is automatically a member. 

  • Activities currently offered by the FISA leadership members:

  1. Lunchtime concerts and other performances

  2. Lunchtime cookies and holiday candy

  3. Original performances through the Fromm Playwrights

  4. The Fromm Matinee Film Series - in conjunction with the Fromm Institute.

  5. New Student Welcome Program - in conjunction with the Fromm Institute.

  6. Lunchtime walks to the Golden Gate Park

  7. StoryCorps/Fromm Project

  8. Notebooks are available at cost for $3 per notebook from the office


Are there other ideas for activities you have? Feel free to go to the Chat Box or come to the FISA desk in the hallway in front of the Maraschi Room. 

This program is on hold pending a return to in person classes.

A Word From the Executive Director of Fromm Institute

"Our members consistently state that the major strengths of our program are the academic rigor of our professors and classes, followed closely by the social environment created here. The Fromm Institute Student Association develops much of the social program for Fromm Institute members – an essential element of the Fromm Institute and one of the primary reasons for our success."

-- Derek S. Leighnor, Esq.